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Spookshow : Haunted Screampark


For 2022 we are bigger, better, and LONGER! Come experience the most BRUTAL Haunted House in Utah!

Desolate Terror

Venture into the gore soaked desert wasteland and witness first-hand the cruelty and violence of the psychopaths and mutant creatures that inhabit this long forgotten and forsaken land. Many tourists and locals alike have disappeared in the area surrounding these cursed grounds. Not even local law-enforcement has dared to investigate the disappearances. For the fear of becoming… One of the missing. The locals don’t talk about it, they won’t talk about it. The old-timers, and the families who have lived in the area for generations, tell outsiders that it is all just stories, and legends.

But, they will always warn you… Never… go out in the desert at night. It’s a Deathwish.



Truly put your bravery to the test with DeathTouch! Full contact hands-on! You may be separated from your group, black bagged, held captive and endlessly tormented! But if you were looking for something even more…RedBand.

RedBand it’s only for those who want to be completely immersed in the brutality of Desolate Terror!
You may be put in a trap, isolated, and maybe even… COVERED IN BLOOD!


All new for 2022!!

The Tunnel of the Damned… Explore Eden’s Landing Old Chapel, A decrepit chapel built in 1896… forgotten by time, but now it sits says the centerpiece of the shanty town that has sprung up around it. Locals have been whispering that it is now inhabited by some sort of bizarre cult… is it a rumor? Or are the stories true? You’ll have to find out yourself!

PLUS many more new SCREAMS & SCARES that will keep your blood pumping!


Put your skills to the test!
Wicked Axe Throwing Range

Wicked Axe is a horror/ heavy metal & punk themed Axe Throwing Range!
Chuck axes with your friends and see if you can bust our number of the beast challenge!!
Nail 3 consecutive bull’s-eyes to score a 666!

Upgrade your ticket with axe throwing for only $8!!

You won’t want to miss Spookshow Haunted Screampark this Halloween season!!!

Just remember... In the desert… NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM!


(8:30pm - 12am)  (7:30pm - 10pm)  (7:30pm - 12am)

Admission Cost:

General Admission

DeathTouch Hands-On

RedBand Extreme Hands-On

General Admission + Axe Throwing Combo

DeathTouch + Axe Throwing Combo

RedBand + Axe Throwing Combo